Understanding the stock level integration

We're able to retrieve your stock levels from QuickBooks Online, and send them to Bigcommerce.

This works in the following process:

  1. We retrieve products data from both Bigcommerce and QuickBooks Online. This includes SKU/Product Code and Product Name.
  2. We then match products between the 2 systems based on SKU/Product Code
  3. If stock level option is selected, we will check QuickBooks Online for stock levels and then carry this across to Bigcommerce.
  4. Going forward, QuickBooks Online will alert us if there has been any stock level updates.

When a sale is made in the Bigcommerce, stock levels are processed in the following method:

  1. We send this to QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Online takes the sale along with the products data and re-calculates the stock levels internally.
  3. We detect the change in stock levels and pass any updates back to Bigcommerce.


  • We cannot retrieve stock levels from Bigcommerce and send this to QuickBooks Online.


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