Managing the integration of products for QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Item Configuration Options

  • Use Income Account: To select the Income account that is assigned to all products we add in QBO
  • Create Inventoried Items as: For you to choose if your inventoried items from BigCommerce are created in QBO as Inventoried, or non-inventoried
  • Use Income Account for Inventoried Items: If you would like a separate income account for inventoried items, you can choose this here
  • Advanced Defaults for new Items: If you've configured items to be sent as non inventoried, you won't have this option. If you've configured items to be sent as inventoried, you can use this option to configure more default accounts

If you've selected the advanced options, you'll see the above. These options are explained here:

  • Use Expense Account: Choose the expense account to be assigned to all items in Quickbooks Online
  • Use COGS Account for Inventoried Items: Select the COGS account to be assigned to all inventoried items added to Quickbooks Online
  • Use Inventory Asset Account for Inventoried Items: Much like the other accounts previously selected, here you choose the Inventory Asset Account to be assigned to all inventoried items added to Quickbooks Online
  • Inventory starting date: This is the date Quickbooks Online will begin tracking inventory for each item. When setting this date, please bear in mind that you cannot add an invoice for an item if the invoice date is before the items inventory starting date

If you're not sure what accounts to configure, please speak to your Bookkeeper as they'll know your business's accounting practices best.

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How can I assign different accounts to specific products?

We will not override default account changes for any product in QuickBooks Online. The options available for you to select above, are simply so we can add new products.

If you have a product that already exists in QuickBooks Online, we will simply match up with the product and respect the configured accounts.

If we push a product to QuickBooks Online, then you edit the product and change a configured account, we won't override the change.

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  • Avatar
    David Belliveau

    I have all my settings selected properly for syncing with QBO, but I am having an issue. The new invoices from BC sales are transferring to QBO but the items within the invoice are not matching to my QBO inventory, so its creating new inventory items. How do I get BC to identify the items in QBO to match them?

  • Avatar
    David Belliveau

    I would like existing items to match, but if a new item in BC is not yet in QBO I'd like it to create a new item....

  • Avatar
    David Belliveau

    Also, when its adding the new items, it is placing the name in the description category, and the SKU in the name category. Maybe that is why they are not matching....

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