Mapping Your Taxes for Quickbooks Online

How This Works

Each time an Order is synced, the tax code applied to each product in the order is matched to a corresponding tax code in the accounting service.

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How Is It Configured? 

Simply navigate to the Manage menu, then scroll down to the heading reading Map Tax Codes. If you've already configured your settings, you'll need to select Edit on the workflow for the integration of orders

On this screen, the tax codes that have been found in BigCommerce are displayed to the left and on the right are drop-down fields that allow you to select the corresponding tax code from those that have been found in your accounting system.  

All you'll need to do here is select the corresponding tax code from your accounting system. Once completed, save your changes.

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What if I don't see a matching tax code from my accounting system?

If you do not see a corresponding tax code from your accounting system, you will need to navigate to your QuickBooks Online account and setup the correct tax rate.

Once this has been done, navigate to your integration configuration to select the appropriate tax. In case this is still not available, please try the Refresh button to update the list of available taxes.

Once saved, you can click on the Sync Now link to run another sync and see the sale(s) go through to your accounting system.

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Changing tax settings in BigCommerce

Consider the following scenario..

  1. You've setup your own taxes in BigCommerce
  2. You then map your tax codes to your accounting system
  3. After configuring tax, you start using Avalara instead

You will now be prompted to re-map your tax codes within your integration configuration.

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    Dee Lucas

    I have checked this multiple times, mapped the codes and still it fails.

    12 Product can't be created in QuickBooks Online. Product is using an inactive Account or Tax Code.

    The 12 products are using the same tax setting in BC as the other 80 or so products.

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    Mars Tertop

    The same scenario can also happen in reverse, where we're unable to push an item if invoices containing the item already exist

    Edited by Mars Tertop
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    Jamie Chaim

    Can I apply this whole process on my posts of this site: Need guidance. 

    Edited by Jamie Chaim
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    Mario Jay

    Is this also applicable for ? Or I need to try something else to address my issues facing on my site.

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    Verify Btc

    Log into QuickBooks Online:
    Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account using your credentials.

    Navigate to Taxes:
    From the main dashboard, go to the "Taxes" section. This might be under the "Taxes" tab or in a related section, depending on your QuickBooks Online version.

    Set Up Sales Tax:
    If you deal with sales tax, set up your sales tax settings:

    Click on "Sales Tax" or a similar option.
    Set up your tax agency and add tax rates for the regions where you collect sales tax.
    Map your sales tax rates to the appropriate accounts.

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    Verify Btc

    If you deal with VAT or GST, set up your VAT or GST settings:
    Click on "VAT" or "GST" or a similar option.
    Set up your tax agency and add tax rates for the applicable regions.
    Map your VAT or GST rates to the appropriate accounts.
    Map Tax Agencies and Accounts:

    Link tax agencies to specific tax accounts. This ensures that the collected tax is tracked separately.
    Select the appropriate tax accounts for both sales tax collected and sales tax paid.
    Apply Tax Codes to Transactions:

    When you create or edit invoices, expenses, and other transactions, select the appropriate tax codes for items that are subject to tax.
    QuickBooks Online will automatically calculate and apply the tax based on the tax codes you assign.

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    Holden Jorge

    I'm also wondering solution of it.

  • Avatar
    Damiano Liuzza

    Thank you so much for your valuable input and assistance on this forum. Your insights and advice have been incredibly helpful. I appreciate the time and effort you've put into addressing my questions and concerns. This community is a great resource thanks to contributors like you.

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    Verify Btc

    Mapping your taxes in QuickBooks Online involves configuring your tax settings to ensure accurate tracking, reporting, and compliance with tax laws. To map your taxes effectively, follow these steps:

    Access Your Company Settings:

    Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
    Click on the "Gear" icon (⚙) in the upper right corner.
    Select "Account and Settings."
    Company Settings:

    In the left sidebar, choose "Advanced."
    Scroll down to the "Other preferences" section.

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